Ep 05- Jay Gullion: "Controlling the Narrative"

Ep 05- Jay Gullion: "Controlling the Narrative"

Controlling the Narrative

Jay Gullion is a multi-disciplinary creative who works in photo, video, design, creative/art direction, and brand consultant. In an effort to succinctly describe his position, he uses the word “translator”, as he works directly with brands to conceptualize and execute their campaigns. His education is in photography and marketing, and he got his break as an employee at Apple in the mid-2000s. He has since gone out on his own, creating a range of print and digital campaigns as well as activations and installations for a range of luxury brands such as Land Rover, Hermes, Omega, Bose, and Bottega Veneta. His work is largely shrouded in mystery, due to an intention lack of website or social media presence.  In this episode we discuss:

  • how he has diversified his skill set to be a one-stop shop for brands by understanding the world of marketing 

  • with the oversaturated market of talented photographers working today, Jay stands out by being able to wear many hats

  • why he intentionally doesn’t have a website, keeps his Instagram posts vague, and asks brands and celebrities not to tag him

  • why he prides himself in living in Ohio despite working with international clientele 

  • what motivates creators to create

  • creating for yourself as opposed to creating for your followers

  • his craziest week of work

Photographers Mentioned: 

Alex Strohl- http://www.alexstrohl.com/

Sebastião Salgado- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sebasti%C3%A3o_Salgado

Hiroshi Sugimoto- https://www.sugimotohiroshi.com/

Steve McCurry- https://stevemccurry.com/

Gail Albert Halaban- https://www.gailalberthalaban.com/

Sean Flannigan- https://www.seanflanigan.com/

Theme song by Poddington Bear

All other music by Isaac Joel

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